3.-7.6.2024 Bosuns Summer Camp for Kids

Hop on board and have the most fun holiday in the exciting archipelago of Helsinki! Bosuns summer camp welcomes all 7-12-year-old kids to have unforgettable holiday weeks on board Astrid, Svanhild and the cannon sloop Diana! During the camp kids get to try real sailing activities, hike and play in the nearby islands, swim and enjoy the outdoor life at sea.

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3.-7.6.2024 Bosuns Summer Camp for Kids

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The camp days start at 8 am in Pohjoisranta Halkolaituri and ends in the same place at 4 pm. During the day we are serving a lunch and a healthy snack.

The program of the camp week contains sailing and exploring the nearby islands like Vasikkasaari, Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. One of the camp days is dedicated to Suomenlinna, where we participate in a guided children's tour. Every ship of ours is used at least once during the camp.
The camp instructors are the captain of the ship and the crew members.

The kids have their vests on when sailing. The kids can bring their own vest if they have one or they can borrow one of the ships vests.

The schedule
8:00-8:45 Arrival on board
9:00 Departure from Halkolaituri
11:00 Lunch, playing, hiking
14:00 Snack
15:00-15:30 Arriving to Halkolaituri
16:00 The end of the camp day

NOTE! The first day starts for all kids at 8 am, when we go through the camp rules and safety issues together. On the following days, the kids can arrive to Halkolaituri between 8:00-8:45 am.

Camping gear:
Weatherproof outdoor clothing and comfortable shoes (no flip-flops etc.), a beanie and gloves. On rainy days the kids should be equipped with an extra set of dry clothes and rubber boots. A cap and sun block, a swimsuit, a towel and a drinking bottle. One’s own life vest if possible. Please, personalize all clothes and other gear. A separate WhatsApp group will be set up for the children's parents, which will serve as the main communication channel between the ship's staff and guardians. In the group is announced for example, the exact time of arrival at Halkolaituri, the next day's program (e.g. swimming day), and parents can also be delighted with some pictures of the camp day 🙂

Camp rules:

  • Listen to the captain and the crew members and follow their instructions carefully
  • Keep your life vest on when on the deck as well as when the ship is at the sea
  • Running on board is forbidden
  • The crew gives a permission when mobile phones are allowed to be used
  • Wait for your turn when the crew serves the food
  • Stay in the area specified by the crew when visiting an island
  • Report to the crew when arriving and leaving the camp
  • Put the first layer of sun block on at home, even if the day would not look sunny
  • If the child gets ill or have any symptoms of a flu, he/she must stay at home

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